THANK YOU to all who have dropped off their treasures for the annual TPS Yard Sale. Please mark your calendar for the week of September 23—the week we will be asking for your help sorting, pricing, and selling those items. The actual sale will be held September 28-29.

The boxcar will be open after the worship service until 11:30 on the FIRST Sunday of each month from now until the sale. We are accepting any useable items easily handled by our volunteers. We cannot accept adult clothing, electronics, exercise equipment or heavy furniture items.

The Yard Sale is our only fund raiser for the benefit of Trinity PreSchool. Its success helps to ensure that our preschoolers receive the educational opportunities needed to begin Kindergarten. It also allows us to award scholarships to students who would not be able to attend preschool without them.

Mark your calendars now for the week beginning September 22 when we will be moving, sorting, and selling your treasures.