The library of Trinity Presbyterian Church exists to help all members of the Trinity family grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith, and to equip them to carry out the ministries to which God calls them.

All books and other resources in the library are available for checking out by members of the Trinity family. There is no charge for their use and no strict limits on the length of time they may be checked out.

The library seeks to make available books helpful in individual and group study, enrichment, inspiration, and encouragement. While most of these books are factual, works of fiction are not excluded. Particular emphasis is placed on subjects pertaining directly to the history and practice of the Christian faith and to the Presbyterian understanding of it.

Suggestions for the acquisition of books for use in group study are welcomed and will be adopted insofar as space and budgets permit.

Gifts of books, within the limitations of space and the time of volunteer librarians will be gratefully accepted. A committee of Trinity members will consider and determine which books best fit and expand the purposes of the library. Books that cannot be housed in the library will from time to time be offered without charge to members of the Trinity family. When appropriate, other suitable homes will be sought.


Instructions for checking books in: 

Look in the back of the book for the circulation card, sign it, and stamp it with the date stamper, which should be three weeks from the time it is checked out. Place the card in the circulation tray in the middle of the book truck on the top shelf.

Instructions for checking books out:

Return it to the library and leave it in the basket on the left side of the library desk. There are no library fines, but in consideration of others, please return library materials when you have finished with them. If someone else requests a book checked out, you will be notified of this request after three weeks.



  • For a list of Children's Books, Click HERE.
  • For a list of books for Youth, Click HERE.
  • For CDs in the library, Click HERE.


Library hours
New books will be on the book truck in the atrium on Sunday mornings. During the week the library is locked but members may request the key from Bettye Young in the church office. Please leave the library locked when you leave.

If you would like to donate books or have questions about the library, contact Jane Presseau.


rev.:  1/1/2018