Trinity supports the following missions in Henderson County:

Trinity Preschool Habitat for Humanity
Blue Ridge Community Health Healing Place
Blue Ridge Literacy Council Henderson Co. Churches Uniting
Blue Ridge Prison Ministries Hendersonville Rescue Mission
Boys and Girls Club Hospice
Council on Aging Housing Assistance
Dispute Settlement Center Interfaith Assistance Ministry
Faith Link Mainstay
Free Clinic Pardee Chaplaincy
Guardian ad Litem Pisgah Legal Services
Feed the Kids YMCA Scholarship

For questions about local missions, contact Sue Hammer.


IAM NEEDS FOR DECEMBER:      ham, turkey breasts, turkeys, chickens, stuffing, green beans, yams, potatoes, instant potatoes, peas, gravy, cranberry sauce, bread, pie crusts and filling, cake mix and icing.

The Five Cents a Meal Mission program is one way in which Trinity Presbyterian Church, through the Presbytery of Western North Carolina, can respond, through over-and-above giving, to the biblical mandate to show compassion and do justice for those in need. The program provides an avenue for outreach and ministry through which every Presbyterian can participate equally.

There are three emphases to the program: prayer, discovery, and action. By being involved in all three aspects of the program, participants open themselves to the Holy Spirit’s leading to other ways the Five Cents a Meal program can be part of God’s work. 


The plan of Five Cents a Meal is very simple. Each person contributes 5 cents (or more) for each meal he or she eats. This amounts to $54.75 per person per year (assuming 3 meals a day). The money is sent to Presbytery. Twice a year the Presbytery Hunger Committee reviews grant requests from regional ministries working with those who struggle with hunger. These agencies must have programs that meet the guidelines adopted by Presbytery, be endorsed by local Presbyterian churches, and representatives must meet with the Hunger Committee. International programs/agencies receiving funds must have been approved by the PCUSA, or else receive approval for Presbytery’s General Council. Presbytery Council must approve regional allocations. An annual report is sent to all congregations at the beginning of each year.


There are several reasons why the program is important within the life of Trinity and the Presbytery: 

  • God commands us to respond in concrete ways to the poor and needy.

  • It is simple enough for children to understand.

  • It offers all members of Presbytery, young and old, from large and small, rural and urban congregations, the opportunity to participate as equal partners in mission.

  • It provides an ongoing process of family and congregational awareness and participation that keeps the needs of those who have insufficient food before each participant.

  • It encourages making the needs of others the subject of private, family and congregational prayer, as well as congregational worship and study.

  • It is a good beginning point from which a deeper understanding of the root causes of hunger can develop.

  • It offers to the people of WNC evidence of God’s compassion as manifest in Presbytery outreach.

  • It gives evidence that the Good News of Jesus Christ touches the lives of both “givers” and “receivers” at the points of their special needs.

  • It is intended to provide a means by which participants can turn away from materialism and over-consumption. 

  • It has the potential of raising a significant amount of money for mission:  almost half a million dollars a year if every member of our Presbytery participates!

The Hendersonville Rescue Mission is one of the agencies in Henderson County supported by Trinity Presbyterian Church through its Local Mission Ministry. The Rescue Mission has served members of the community for over 26 years. At their current location on Maple Street, men, women and children are given assistance by Mission staff.

In a recent 12 month period 64,518 meals were served; 1,406 individuals were sheltered (including 72 children); 3,775 hours of individual counseling were provided and at least 22 people made decisions for Christ.

Volunteers are needed in many capacities. Please call 697-1354 to inquire how your special talents can be used.

The Hendersonville Rescue Mission receives no support from local, state or federal government funding; thus, our contributeion to the agency is very important.

Please pray for those are served and those who serve.



Did you know that there are over 20,000 English speaking adults in Henderson County who cannot read? Blue Ridge Literacy Council is addressing this need by offering programs in three areas:

Basic literacy for Americans who didn't learn to read in school
Learning disabilities program for adults who need multi-sensory phonologically-based structured learning programs
ESL (English as a second language)
In the past year 346 students were tutored by 186 volunteers in these areas. Volunteer tutors are provided training and previous teaching experience is not necessary. All that is needed is an interest in helping adults learn and the ability to speak, read and write English.

Are you interested in helping meet and eliminate a waiting list for services? Contact he Literacy Council at 696-3811 or Diane Bowers, a member of Trinity is the Executive Director.


The Council on Aging for Henderson County is an independent, non-government agency. As a private non-profit organization, it relies heavily on the community for support.

During these difficult, economic times, the Council finds itself unable to provide Meals on Wheels for all those who need them. Sales at the Council on Aging Thrift Stores on Church Street and in Etowah are also down. In addition, community contributions are less probably due to the economy. Meals on Wheels has only enough funding available to serve 44 people a day in the months of May and June. However, they are currently serving 240 per day and have 37 on a waiting list.

Additional services provided by the Council include the Partnership for Independent Living, a Congregate Meal Program, and the Sammy Williams Center for Active Living. Professional staff provide Geriatric Case Management for older adults on a sliding fee scale. A strong volunteer base helps stretch the dollars. Last year volunteers donated over 16,875 hours to the community through their work for the agency.

Trinity contributes financially to the Council on Aging through its Local Mission budget, and many members are part of the volunteer force. Trinity member, Marian Lowry, is currently Chair of the Board. Your support in time and money is greatly appreciated. Donations to the thrift store are also welcomed.

If you are interested in volunteering or need more information, please call 828-692-4203.