Trinity supports the following missions in Henderson County:

Trinity Preschool Habitat for Humanity
Blue Ridge Community Health Healing Place
Blue Ridge Literacy Council Henderson Co. Churches Uniting
Blue Ridge Prison Ministries Hendersonville Rescue Mission
Boys and Girls Club Hospice
Council on Aging Housing Assistance
Dispute Settlement Center Interfaith Assistance Ministry
Faith Link Mainstay
Free Clinic Pardee Chaplaincy
Guardian ad Litem Pisgah Legal Services
Feed the Kids YMCA Scholarship

For questions about local missions, contact Sue Hammer.


As summer wanes Henderson County Faith Link Teams are gearing up again as advocates for our Faith Link Families. As the new coordinator of Trinity’s team, there’s been much for me to learn. Did you realize that the program grew out of collaborative efforts of the Dept. of Social Services, Interfaith Assistance Ministry and the local faith community? County level coordinators are Janna Davis and Sally Cook, through IAM. They also coordinate with the Faith Link teams from 3 other churches.

The county Faith Link program evolved in 1996 with the changes in welfare reform laws. With the start of the “Work First” program, families were matched with teams of volunteers from congregations, such as Trinity, whose charge was to offer educational, emotional and logistical support to these families. Faith Link teams were also charged with increasing community awareness of issues regarding poverty and the working poor.

Trinity has successfully covenented with families since 1998. Our current family, a single mother and her son, started with us in 2004 under the support of Florence Crowell and Irene Robertson. The lead mentors now are our Helen and Ray Dearborn and Cathy O’Neil, supported by the rest of the team. The mother consistently expresses her gratitude to Trinity for the wide variety of help they have received from us, and is making progress on her way to self-sufficiency. But in these difficult times, our help is more important than ever.

Another branch of the county-wide Faith link program is the tutoring program for all the F.L. families. It’s known as LEEP (Learning, Enrichment and Enhancement Program) and is presently held at Trinity on Wednesday nights. Our Eleanor Beardsley works with Janna Davis and Sally Cook, IAM, to coordinate the tutoring and parent support group. They are presently looking for additional tutors. We need both male and female tutors. Contact Eleanor if you will help out at 693-1423. The families and tutors are invited to attend our dinners prior to the LEEP program. Many thanks to all of you who have helped with the dinners, and the LEEP program.

We ask that you prayerfully consider volunteering or adding financial support for the above programs. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people here in our county.

For more information on the Trinity based programs, please feel free to contact Kaye Papazian at 692-3132 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For general Faith Link questions contact Janna Davis at 697-7029, ext. 319, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


FISH (For Immediate Sympathetic Help)


FISH provides non-emergency medical transportationn for ambulatory Henderson County residents to get them to and from their medical appointments.
Telephone volunteers are needed to schedule drivers. Serve on-half day a month from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
Drivers are needed to transport clients to hosopitals, clinics, doctors and dentists. You determine how often you are available.
For more information contact Jay Barr.


Four Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care


We offer grief counseling services to children. Our Heart Songs program is a bereavement program that is very specific to children. Children grieve differently than adults and need special types of counseling. Studies have shown that children who receive counseling are more likely to lead healthy productive lives, and are less likely to let their loss negatively affect their future.
For more information contact Lora Mason, Director of Volunteer Services, at 692-6178.


Faith Link


Faith Link is teams of members from nine Henderson County churches that mentor working poor families struggling to gain financial self-sufficiency. It was started at the request of the County Board of Commissioners during the time of “welfare reform”. Two part-time staff persons are funded by the County Department of Social Services, but they are employed and officed at Interfaith Assistance Ministry. Nine church teams have mentored over fifty families with more than 150 children over 8 years. Trinity’s Faith Link team currently partners with two single mother families with a total of four children ranging in age from one year to eight years old, two boys and two girls. Trinity’s team consists of twelve people. Two persons from the team are assigned to relate to each family. The rest of the team finds ways to be supportive of the mentors. Trinity members can help by

  • Praying for the mentors and families
  • Joining the team, especially if you would like to be a mentor. More families need this kind of partnership than the current church teams can take care of.
  • Donate your old car, or the computer you are updating, or other items a family might need. Call Faith Link staff person Janna Davis at 697-7029.
  • Support and advocate for legislation at county, state and nation levels that help alleviate the increasingly desperate plight of the working poor in this country.




Learning Enrichment and Enhancement Program is a tutoring and parenting enrichment program of the nine Henderson County Faith Link churches. It takes place at Trinity on Wednesday nights during the school year in connection with our Wednesday night dinners. The Faith Link families eat with our congregation. After dinner, volunteer tutors, most of themTrinity members, help the kids with their homework and work with them on other particular learning needs specific to each child. Meanwhile Faith Link staff person Janna Davis conducts a support group for the parents designed to help them improve their parenting skills, but withspecial emphasis on how they can help their kids do well in their schooling. Trinity members can help by

  • Welcoming and getting to know the Faith Link families at Wednesday dinners.
  • Volunteering as tutors, or substitute tutors. Call LEEP Coordinator Eleanor Beardsley at 693-1423.
  • Donating age appropriate educational materials for elementary and middle school kids. Call Eleanor Beardsley at 693-1423.
  • Do you have extra dictionaries which you do not need? Our LEEP families can put them to good use. Please bring them to the church office.


Rescue Mission


Trinity Church volunteers to serve the dinner meal every Wednesday evening all year long. We currently need one person  to assist Dick Wheeler on the 3rd Wednesday of each month for about one and one-half hours. We also need to add to our Substitute List. If you can help, please call Chuck Leaverton, 890-5838.



As Christians, we should be challenged to ask ourselves if we are being good stewards of God’s creation.  Trinity (through the Local Mission Ministry) has entered into a partnership with the Environmental and Conservation Organization (ECO) in their Adopt-A-Stream program.  This program is operated with assistance from the Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Project.  Trinity’s involvement at this point involves stream monitoring quarterly and cleanup, as needed, of a section of Brittain Creek beginning at the Blythe Street bridge and continuing southward to a small private bridge  An initial survey of the creek was made February 20th by an ECO volunteer and Priscilla and Tom Karvonen.  More details will be communicated in future bulletins and our web site.


The social service agencies of Henderson County greatly appreciate the financial contributions from Trinity to help meet the needs of the Henderson County residents. Here are some excerpts from recent letters:

From Blue Ridge Community Health Services: “We extend our sincere thank you to Trinity Presbyterian Church for the recent contribution to Blue Ridge Community Health Services, Inc. BRCHS relies on a variety of funding sources. It is through the continued financial support of our community members we are able to supplement programs beneficial to those who might not otherwise have access to quality dental or health care.”

Blue Ridge Literacy Council writes: “Thanks to your support, this year Blue Ridge Literacy Council will help more than 350 people learn to read, write, speak English, become citizens, or study for their GED. By this time next year, individuals who are now unemployed or underemployed will be working in hospitals, offices and factories, running their own businesses, and even teaching school. Some will be attending college. Individuals who can’t speak English or read will be checking their children’s homework and reading them bedtime stories – helping their children get a good start in life.”

Four Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care says thanks, also: “Now in our twenty-eighth year, Four Seasons was on the forefront of the hospice movement with the establishment of one of the earliest programs in the country. During fiscal year 2008, the generosity and support of our donors allowed us to provide hospice care to 1,074 patients in their homes, Elizabeth House and other area healthcare facilities. An additional 1,324 patients were served through our Palliative Care program. We believe that those facing terminal illness should not have to face it alone, and we are privileged to walk alongside so many patients and families. Your generous support allows us to continue to provide the highest level of care to our community while ensuring that we will be able to meet increasing needs. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.”

These letters of thanks to Trinity emphasizes the great needs that exist in our community. Please include the agencies in your prayers.