“that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith”.    Romans 1:12



Mission Co-Workers in Guatemala

Through the Global Missions Ministry, Trinity supports Sandi and Brian Thompson-Royer, mission co-workers in Guatemala.

Guatemala women, particularly of indigenous origin, struggle to have their voices heard in society, churches, and families. The National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (IENPG) invited Sandi to work with Guatemalan women to help them develop leader-ship skills. She works with leaders of the Women’s Synod Union to strengthen relationships within the Church and works to foster development of the local committees of the women’s organization. She also works to build relationships between the Women’s Union and sister organizations , such as Presbyterian Women of the PCUSA. Her husband, Brian, assists her.

Sandi is currently focused on working with the women of the Mam (Mayan) community, who have developed a sewing program that helps young women get jobs and possibly start small businesses. They use treadle sewing machines to embroider fabric that they make into blouses, curtains, and aprons. Their products and skills are marketable, and she is working with them to develop new opportunities.

She also is working to facilitate micro-loan workshops. Micro-loan groups have demonstrated great success in Guatemala. Women receive small loans and the education to start or bolster an existing business, such as supplying gas for cooking to homes and businesses, or raising pigs and chickens. As they earn money, they save to expand their businesses and re-pay the loans.

Sandi and Brian have a long history of helping women in distress find help. They continue to work with women by developing programs aimed at preventing domestic abuse and helping survivors. Sandi says, “This work is part of my faith journey and what it means to follow Christ.”

Sandi and Brian welcome our support and our prayers.

"Teach them the statutes and instructions and make known to them the way they are to go and the things they are to do." Exodus 18:30

An update on Trinity’s partnership with Fuente de Vida and the Scholarship Program will be presented during the Learning Hour on Sunday, May 21, in the Fellowship Hall.

Our congregation has an opportunity to help make the hope of a child and his or her family to become a reality. Several years ago when we made our first mission trip to Guatemala, the children at our partner church did not have dreams for their future. Most children felt that they would be farmers like their parents. Today the children and young people have dreams for a better future. These dreams are a direct result of the trust and faith that has been built through our partnership with Fuente de Vida.

The Scholarship Program with Fuente de Vida has grown. In 2016 we provided money for 32 scholarships and in 2017 nearly 40. While the need for scholarships is growing, the number who will receive scholarships depends upon your support.

It is our hope that we can send enough money to our partner church that the children there who dream of an education will have that opportunity. Over the years we have gotten to know many of the scholarship recipients, and we have had the joy of seeing how education has enhanced their lives, and helped to raise them out of poverty.

In order to fulfill our commitment to Fuente de Vida, we need former sponsors to renew their commitment, and for new sponsors to join in this program. For the 2018 school year we hope to provide $11,000 in scholarships. Global Mission Ministry has provided $3,000 of that amount, so an additional $8,000 is needed from sponsors. These scholarships cover about half of the cost for the year. Even though public education is free in Guatemala through high school, there are additional costs that students and their families need to cover. To qualify for a scholarship, the students and their families must apply to the Scholarship Committee at Fuente de Vida, and provide reports showing that the student is faithfully attending school and making satisfactory progress.

Yearly pledges are needed by October 1st in order to provide scholarships in 2018. We hope you will give prayerful consideration to sponsoring one or more students. For further information contact: Carole Ball, Bev Luzadder, Duane Johnson or Beth Miller.