“that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith”.    Romans 1:12



Several Trinity members met a few weeks ago to begin making plans to visit our brothers and sisters at Fuente de Vida. A possible date for the trip is late June of 2018. Won’t you give prayerful thought about being a member of our next mission team. There are no special talents required. God has a place and a job for each member who desires to go. We would like to take approximately eight team members. Mature youth should also consider this trip. Member costs of the trip are offset by Global Mission, Endowments, and Fund Raising activi-ties by team members. Why go? There are many reasons to go: have a life changing experience, feel God’s pres-ence, building relationships means more than just giving money, break bread with our sisters and brothers, expe-rience the joy of many thankful children, many more reasons that God will show you.

What should you do now? Pray for God’s guidance. Look into getting a passport. Clear the last two weeks or so of June for a 7-8 day trip to Guatemala. Tell Carole Ball, Bev Luzadder, Duane Johnson, or Beth Miller that you are interested. Watch for the next meeting date.



Recycle Aluminum
Proceeds to Guatemala Children’s Scholarships
November 5, and First Sunday of each Month

Please bring your aluminum rinsed cans and place them in the gold Toyota truck in front of the church between 9:30 and 12:30. Please do not bring glass, pie pans, or cans of steel. Basically only drink cans. Thanks much for your support to the Scholarship Program and to God’s earth.